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Kiox 300 and Kiox 500: Your dynamic displays

With our new "Dynamic Screen" function, you automatically receive the information that suits your current riding situation: When you ride uphill, you see your performance, your cadence and the elevation covered. On descents you can see your current speed. On a flat stretch, your display shows you the speed, the distance traveled and your range. If you're stopped, the maximum speed, average speed, distance traveled, elevation and trip time, and the remaining range are displayed. This means you no longer have to switch between screens manually, and you can keep track of things without looking at your display for a long time – for more focus on the ride.

You may be wondering: How does my eBike know whether I'm riding uphill, downhill or on the flat? Your drive unit recognizes the gradient value, sends it to your display – and your Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 shows you everything automatically.

You can activate the dynamic screen in the settings of the eBike Flow app under "My eBike" > "Display configuration". To do this you have to create it as a new screen. Before riding, you select the dynamic screen on Kiox 300 or Kiox 500, and the rest happens automatically.